Join the M-CAP Movement

Invest in Melvin Capital, the community-driven meme space investment firm, the one and only rival of GameStop.

CA: DKbPiTkNsFAkJztMDfWd7wick7UqSjLH9XkreybNUGvM

M-CAP (Melvin Capital) is a 100% community-driven meme space investment firm.

While $GME likes the coin, $MCAP loves the community!

The M-CAP community has weathered two rugs, and here we are, still standing together stronger than ever!

Community Testimonials

Melvin Capital is not just a meme space investment firm; it is a movement!

M-CAP - the one token to short them all!


Total supply: 1 Billion $MCAP

Tax: Zero | Liquidity: Burnt


Remember, flexibility is key in the crypto space as the landscape can change rapidly. $MCAP will continuously reassess and adapt the roadmap based on market conditions, community feedback, and emerging opportunities.


There are three things that you, as a community member, can do for the common good of the community.


You are welcome to donate to the community wallet. Each dollar can make a difference! Rest assured, it will be used for the common good!

Wallet address: 8fXrYm8KBqGFr8KqbQmKsGjH9wx9KkAd4D3Rp82aqXyB


Choose a crypto influencer, add a blue bandana to their profile picture, and post it on X! Then share the link in the community chat!

One influencer per day! It may not seem like much, but if we unite, we will get noticed!

Take Profit

Make responsible decisions and take small profits along the way up! If we do that as a community, we will end up profitable and provide newcomers with good entry points without scary dips!

Steady growth is our priority!